I completed my graduation in law in 2018 and have since worked across a number of roles directly related to emerging technologies. 

As a fellow at the Esya Centre, a New-Delhi based think tank, I study the impact of technological advancements on existing legal and regulatory frameworks. More specifically, I examine how technology challenges current conceptions of competition law, platform governance, and regulatory design. 

As a Progress Fellow with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, a UK-based think tank, I studied how central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) can revolutionize the gig payments landscape. My fellowship involved interacting with bankers, technologists, and academicians to develop a deeper understanding of payments issues faced by gig workers. I also addressed a panel discussion at the 17th Internet Governance Forum in Ethiopia. 

As a consultant with Treemouse, a systems design firm, I had the opportunity to explore the budding Indian web3 and XR ecosystems. I was primarily tasked with interviewing stakeholders, including developers, funders, accelerators, and training institutions, to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with web3 and XR development in India. Insights from these interviews and interactions were synthesised into reports that provides a holistic overview of the web3 and XR ecosystems in India.